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Bed Linen

The White House range of bed linen uses only the finest fabrics from Europe. Any size or shape of bed can be accommodated, including all of those odd shape mattresses so commonly found on yachts, particularly crew quarters. We offer a substantial range of colours and finishes, from simple cords and hemstitching to classic jacquard designs or beautiful Italian embroideries. We are frequently asked to add a monogram or embroider a logo and we are able to create a bespoke embroidery design to coordinate with the interior of your property, exclusive to the owner. Our designs are never repeated for other clients.

The White House can supply all of the crew's bed linen requirements in appropriate qualities and finishes. Simple touches such as reference labels can be added to make life easier for the staff after the laundry process.

From non-allergenic pillows and duvets to the finest goose down, luxurious merino wool blankets to the most sumptuous cashmere, a full range of bedding accessories is also available.